it doesn't have to 'match'....

quite often on projects clients ask me what colour fabric should they get for their sofa to match the painting above? Or more worryingly - 'we need to purchase a piece of art that will go with the sofa'. Immediate does not need to match! In fact the more mis-matching the better - it is about the colour, pattern and textures that appeal to the senses first and foremost; and whether it all works together is secondary - more of than not it does. my philosophy with an artwork is the minute you look at it you either love it or not regardless of whether it will work in an interior - simple as that.

here are a couple of examples below of where I think mis-matching has made the interior - love the bold statement of my favourite orla kiely wallpapers mixed with a fab armadillo casablanca rug or amazing reproduction tiles from jatana interiors.